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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

The Ultimate Guide to Lean Manufacturing

Originating on the assembly lines of Henry Ford's factories, then later refined by those that built Toyota into a world leading car manufacturer, lean manufacturing is the method by which manufacturers aim to reduce waste yet maintain productivity in their factories. The goals of lean manufacturing are to reduce the time, effort, and costs of making a good without sacrificing quality.

In this article from Propel, you can take a deeper dive into what lean manufacturing is, what its main goals and core principles are, and what are the major pros and cons of it. In many ways, lean manufacturing is the way factories and plants will continue to strive to operate. Its focus on low waste makes it environmentally friendly and the lowered production time makes us consumers happier, but implementing a true lean manufacturing process can be challenging and can sometimes require a true overhaul on the entire company.

Author Bio:
David Sides is the Outreach Director at Propel. We at Propel have made a tool that allows manufacturing companies to track its product across its entire lifecycle. Our expertise here along with our relationships have allowed us to have great insight into lean manufacturing and how it can improve the process.

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