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Friday, June 23, 2023

Lean Quote: Leaders Focus on Solutions, Followers Focus on Problems

On Fridays I will post a Lean related Quote. Throughout our lifetimes many people touch our lives and leave us with words of wisdom. These can both be a source of new learning and also a point to pause and reflect upon lessons we have learned. Within Lean active learning is an important aspect on this journey because without learning we can not improve.

"Leaders think and talk about the solutions. Followers think and talk about the problems.  —  Brian Tracy  

Do you want to lead a team of individuals in the future? Ask yourself, do you wish to lead with just nagging about the problems, or do you wish to have problem solutions?

There is a big difference between the leaders who count on personal achievements and those that count on group achievements. Real leadership encompasses:

  • Leaders are more focused on the solution.
  • Self-awareness and self-confidence sums up a leader.
  • Leaders work as a team and not as an individual.
  • Humbleness differentiates a leader and a follower.
  • A leader has to be proactive and initiate problem-solving.

Let us look at some of the main elements as to what qualities a leader must-have.

Sense of Effective Direction

Leaders are the individuals that direct the whole organization and businesses as per their experience and knowledge. They know where to move on to and immediately work on it. If any problem is faced, they are the first ones to resolve it and set ahead.

Goal-Oriented – Leaders Lead, and Followers Follow

Keeping an eye always for the goal can turn out to be the most crucial quality. As you want to achieve the heights of success in your industry, you need to maintain and achieve time on time.

Provide Problem Solutions and Work on Them

When you develop yourself as a leader, everybody will look up to you to get solutions to their problems. Leadership is like an encouragement that people need from you. So, you will not only help others, but also you will encourage them to get out of the problems quickly.

Believe in Yourself First and let Followers Lead

When you can help others and inspire them, you will have a new kind of satisfaction in yourself. Believe in yourself first, then you’ll be able to make your team believe in achieving the set goal. Allow them to speak up and be a good listener as well. Free them to take up their own decisions, and some might come up with great solutions.

A leader doesn’t bush around the problems they come up with. They simply work on the solutions. Whereas followers only think of the problems they are facing. The larger goal is far away from their vision, because of that they can’t come up with problem solutions.

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