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Monday, December 18, 2023

Top 10 Posts of 2023

The end of the year is traditionally a time to look back and reflect. One way to reflect is to evaluate popular blog posts. I have been taking time to reflect on the year that was and as part of that reflection I have flipped back through the 150 blog posts I have written so far this year and compiled a list of my Top 10.

What were some of your favorite Lean posts from 2023? Any recommendations for next year?

10. 5 Ways to Build a Strong Team - Here are 5 ways that you can develop your team and earn yourself some kudos at the same time.

9. Management by Wandering Around is Not a Thing – There is a better way to mange then randomly sampling the shopfloor, learn more about purposeful Gemba walks.

8. Personal Habits All Leaders Should Nurture – Guest post from Luke Smith shares 5 personal habits all leaders must take the time to nurture to be the best they can be. 

7. Empower Your Employees With the Right Mindset – To empower employees get them in the conversation so they can see the bigger picture.

6. Helping Improve Employee Engagement Through Sustainable Practices – Guest post from Luke Smith about improving employee engagement by tapping into a commonly held value: sustainability.

5. 6 Mistakes to Avoid When Problem Solving – Avoid these common problem solving mistakes if you want to find the best solution.

4. The Communication Soft Skills You Need At Work & How To Use Them – Guest post form Nancy Howard discovering some of the most important communication soft skills you need at work and how to use them.

3. Got to the Gemba with a Plan and Purpose – 5 tips to make your next Gemba walk more effective from experience.

2. Management’s Responsibility for Leadership - You can think of Action Centered Leadership as being a compass to help you determine where and how to spend your time so you can build a high-performance team, which delivers the right things in with the right behaviors.

1. Four Essentials for Developing Employees – There are four essential elements to consider when developing employees in the workplace.

Thanks for your continued readership in 2023. I hope you enjoy the holiday season and go on to achieve Lean success in 2024.

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