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Wednesday, February 28, 2024

Lean Roundup #177 – February 2024

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of February 2024.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.  


Introduction to Toyota Kata – Mark Rosenthal introduces Toyota Kata as a way to start to nudge the culture in the direction we want it to go.


The Problem (737 MAX and Beyond) at Boeing Isn’t “Idiots.” It’s Far More Complex Than That… But Fixable – Mark Graban asks and answers what can we do to prevent mistakes and protect ourselves from human error.


Toyota’s job rotation policy - Michel Baudin focuses on the specifics of Job Rotation as a policy that sets Toyota apart from most other manufacturing companies.


Strategy in a Time of Explosive Change – Pascal Dennis discusses how to develop and deploy strategy in ‘interesting’ Technological times.


The Power of Perception: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities – Ron Pereira talks about how our experience is shaped by our perception and reaction.

Asking the Wrong Question (for Decades) – Bob Emiliani says we have challenged people with the wrong question.

Understanding the Customer Experience is a Keystone in Process Improvement - John Knotts says ensuring satisfaction through the entire journey a customer undertakes with your business is essential for process improvement and, ultimately, business success.


Different Aspects of Seeing a Shop Floor—Introduction - Christoph Roser goes through the steps for understanding the shop floor to see what’s going on in the production system.


Coach’s Corner: How can Lean Product and Process Development enable the creation of environmentally sustainable products? - Katrina Appell shows how following LPPD principles and practices enables teams to consider sustainability when making decisions early in and throughout the design process.


The Ongoing State of Agile Transformations - Christopher Chapman reviewed and analyzed the annual State of Agile industry survey to see how peers were doing in adopting this “new” way of delivering software, what impediments they were facing, and what trends were emerging.


Lean Leadership in Action: CEO Larry Culp’s Journey to Revitalize GE at the Gemba – Mark Graban discusses the importance of leadership action in Lean with recent example from GE’s CEO Larry Culp.

Learning is Not Enough – Bob Emiliani explains learning is a foundation, a launching point, but one has to go much further to gain know-how.


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