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Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Lean Roundup #178 – March 2024

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of March 2024.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.  


The Power of One Page – Pascal Dennis discusses the power one page has to enable quick effective communication when used to tell stories.


Revolving Door Leadership – Bob Emiliani answers whether the revolving door leadership at the top and management churn below really is the problem that produces a lack of sustainability of Lean management.


Cultivating a Culture of Candor: Transforming Workplace Communication for Better Outcomes – Mark Graban talks about encouraging people to be candid by cultivating a feeling of psychological safety and rewarding their candor instead punishing it.


Process Improvement Across Industries – John Knotts takes a deep dive into the contrasting landscapes of various industries aimed to illuminate the unique challenges and opportunities each sector presents.


Dogs & Buns – Bruce Hamilton shares a fun story and real example about the mismatches in your processes causing waste in your operations.


The Two Directions of Poka Yoke – Christoph Roser talks about poka yoke, and the two fundamentally different directions poka yoke can take.


Operations IS Your Customer - Steve Shoemaker describes how redefining operations as the primary customer of engineering can transform product development, enhance collaboration, and drive unprecedented improvements in quality and efficiency.


A Satisfied Employee Will Switch – Christopher Chapman shares a quick analysis of a labor market survey through a Deming lens.


Value in an Age of Endless Innovation – Pascal Dennis says there’s a good chance we do not understand value and explains what it means in our modern era.


Shigeo Shingo & Norman Bodek on Learning From Mistakes, Including Shingo’s – Mark Graban shares some older material from his bookshelf, Zero Quality Control by Shigeo Shingo published by Norman Bodek on Mistake Proofing lessons.


Why There Are So Few Lean CEOs – Bob Emiliani explains why some people motivated to become Lean CEOs and most others are not.


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