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Monday, June 10, 2024

Obeya - Introducing The Lean War Room Article

Projects are important for generating growth for organizations. Successful projects don’t just happen; they require hard work and collaboration from both project managers and team members to ensure all tasks are completed and goals are met, on time and on budget. However, many projects ultimately fail or are abandoned because the team does not work together to achieve shared goals. To avoid this unfortunate fate, project managers can find help with visual management and the Obeya room. Creating an Obeya room is akin to creating a “war room,” a command center that draws together leaders from across departments in an organization.

I recently authored this article “Obeya - Introducing The Lean War Room” for Quality Magazine which helps you understand the process behind the Obeya room, how to use the room efficiently, the benefits of one, and virtual Obeya Rooms.

You can learn more by reading the full article here:


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