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Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Free Lean Resources from Catalyst for Change

I am always looking for lean resources to help along the way on this journey. Recently, I was made aware of a UK company called c4c, which refers to Catalyst for Change. c4c was formed to provide the catalyst and support for businesses to change through implementing Lean and Six Sigma practices and culture.

On the c4c website is a collection of documents they have assembled on topics including:
· Lean introduction and culture
· Value added and waste
· Problem solving tools (5 why’s, brainstorming, cause and effect, Pareto, FMEA, VSM)
· Workplace organization (5S)
· Measurement and total quality management (TQM)
· Process changeovers (SMED)
· Total productive maintenance (TPM)
· Project management
· Facilitating a lean workshop

I believe that we should not re-invent the wheel so shamelessly stealing from others is a prudent practice. This collection of documents also includes a number of editable files for your convenience. So to use c4c’s mantra maybe these can be the catalyst for your change.

You can access this free information from the following company link: http://www.c4c.ltd.uk/

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