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Monday, June 15, 2009

Gemba Academy – A Source of Learning

The Gemba Academy provides high quality online video training for individuals and groups. They currently have the School of Lean but will add later this summer the School of Project Management and the School of Six Sigma.

We learned at the Gemba, or the place the work is done, and now we want to help you and your organization succeed. As a result, we are pleased to introduce the Gemba Academy School of Lean. When you enroll in the Gemba Academy School of Lean you gain immediate access to high definition online learning modules, interactive quizzes, PDF summary documents, lean templates, audit sheets, and calculators.

The Gemba Academy allows individuals to register for free to get a newsletter and access to free preview videos. They also offer a monthly subscription option and 6 month subscription option which allows you full access to all their courses and documents. The School of Lean is currently available with 33 videos, or more than 7 hours of viewing plus many more hours of reading and self-test quizzes. In addition to the Introduction to Lean, the 10 Commandments of Improvement, 5S Workplace Productivity and Transforming Your Value Streams courses they have now added nine videos in The 7 Deadly Wastes set.

When you register you will immediately get access to:


Introduction to Lean
Ten Commandments of Continuous Improvement
5S Overview
VSM Overview
7 Wastes overview

Introduction to Lean Quiz
10 Commandments Quiz
5S Overview Quiz
VSM Quiz

Resources for Download
5S Overview
VSM Overview

Go check out the Gemba Academy today to learn and test your knowledge in Lean.

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