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Sunday, June 14, 2009

A Great Resource at Gemba Panta Rei

Gemba Panta Rei is a weblog about better ways to make things better from Gemba Research. Gemba Research is a global team of professionals dedicated to teaching kaizen and Lean management practices based on the Toyota Production System.

Gemba is the Japanese term for “actual place”, often used for the place where value-creating work actually occurs. It is place you go for improvement. Panta Rei is a Greek term for “everything flows, meaning that everything is constantly changing. Therefore in combination Gemba Panta Rei roughly mean things are always changing on the shop floor.

The authors of this weblog post at least daily so there is a vast collection of information. They really leave no topic uncovered. You can find reviews of books, templates/forms, tips for implementers, and discussion various lean concepts and tools. Since they write frequently many articles relate to current events. Personally, this is the place I go every few days to stay abreast of changes within the Lean community.


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