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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Lean Roundup # 3

August, 2009

7 Flows - Mike Wroblewski describes the 7 flow in manufacturing and we need to think of all 7 together in harmony to improve flow.

Leading Lean A-Z: F for be First – Jamie Flinchbaugh reminds us that people follow leaders and we must first set a good example to follow.

The Obstacle to Lean Accounting – Bill Waddell tells us that if we want to get Lean Accounting right then we must develop managements’ skills.

One Point Lesson: Takt Image – Jon Miller teaches us what takt time is and how we can visual takt with a common method called pitch.

I'll take my Lean with Water, on the Rocks – Jon Miller uses two common images in Lean to talk continuous improvement and what is hiding under our waters.

If Lean is so Great, Why is Toyota Struggling? – Ron Pereira takes some time to answer a reader’s comment on Toyota’s struggle.

Typical Approach to Solving Problems - Fly Swatting – Norman Bain discusses adding value to customers by solving problems is a systematic approach to eliminate the root cause.

Lean Accounting's Fat Problem Forbes.com – Mark Rosenthal talks about a recent article in Forbes on Lean Accounting's Fat Problem and the issues with standard cost accounting in a flow environment.

Lean Sigma Tools for Supply Chain, Part 1 and lean Sigma Tools for Supply Chain, Part 2 - Lean Sigma Supply Chain blog gives a brief overview of various tools in Lean and Six Sigm and their application to help your supply chain.

5S Guidelines for the Office – Jon Miller gives some guideline on implementing 5S in an office environment for those just starting out.

Big k vs Little k – Matt Wrye writes about employee involvement in terms of continuous improvement or kaizen and the importance of engaging employees.

Reducing Inventory - Mark Rosenthal reminds us that lean results in reduced inventory but that lean is not a means to reduce inventory.

The Supervisor Transformed - Jamie Flinchbaugh talks about the importance of investing in training at the supervisor level during Lean transformations.
How Strategic is Your Sourcing? – Roger McNeill started a great series of posts on what strategic sourcing really means in terms of a phrase called “Best Cost”.

The Versatile Leader Part 1, The Versatile Leader Part 2, The Versatile Leader Part 3 – Ron Pereira writes about a common trait leaders have which is versatility and defines four different leadership styles.

Takt Time for Apple's App Store and Healthcare – Mark Graban using a current story on Apple’s App store to explain takt time and cycle time.

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