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Thursday, September 17, 2009

The Roots of LeanSigma

The other day I came across an interesting video called the Roots of LeanSigma. This video was done by the TBM Consulting Group who claims to have coined the term LeanSigma in 1997 with Maytag after a successful improvement effort including both Lean and Six Sigma.

I am not sure how many people are familiar with TBM Consulting Group. I was not so I checked them out. They define their mission as:

We rapidly transform enterprises worldwide for increased responsiveness to achieve growth in sales and earnings.

They have been helping organizations with business improvement for over 15 years with what they call LeanSigma. This is the fusion of today’s most powerful improvement tools Lean and Six Sigma.

The TBM website also features some useful information worth perusing like Lean terminology, articles and news stories, and a video archive. I have found it beneficial when doing training sessions to use short videos during breaks as a way to get people back together and focused again on learning. They have a collection of videos on LeanSigma learning and application, various manufacturers, and service and business processes ranging from a few seconds to 12 minutes in length. If you like the video above then you will most likely find these others interesting as well.

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