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Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Strategy Deployment Video

This is the time of year in which many organizations are working on preparing the plans for the following year. It is from this process that budgets and the subsequent goals are forged. Unfortunately, many organizations suffer from improper measures of performance which are poorly communicated through out the organization. This results in confusion and a workforce not fully engaged in supporting the company's plans.

Lean's answer to this problem is Hoshin Kanri, commonly referred to as Strategy Deployment. Pascal Dennis is probably the foremost expert on Strategy Deployment with his book Getting the Right Things Done. If you have not read this Shingo Prize wining novel you are missing a way of aligning the effort of good people in a systematic way on your strategic objectives. Pascal Dennis, Author of Getting the Right Things Done was recently interviewed on this newest book explaining strategy deployment.

Lean Pathways a firm dedicated to eliminating waste in all forms where Pascal Dennis is an Associate has provided a series of videos on strategy deployment. This video series found on YouTube - Lean Pathways' Channel is from a presentation titled "How do you focus everyone on doing the right things using strategy deployment". This presentation on Lean Leadership was delivered at the Lean Transformation Summit in November of 2008 in the UK.

If you want to make your planning process more than "PowerPoint Junk" then why not listen and learn from someone who knows strategy deployment first hand.

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