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Sunday, November 1, 2009

Lean Roundup #5

Highlights from the month of October, 2009 from the Lean Blog Community

HBS Study of Corporate Silos – Karen Wilhelm talks about a Harvard Business School review the effect of corporate silos on communication in the workplace.

Seven Essential Qualities of a Lean Leader – Jon Miller describes the essential qualities necessary for a Lean Leader that results in PROFITS.

The Price is Definitely Not Right – Bill Waddell writes about the importance of strategic pricing for companies who want to go from Lean manufacturing to a Lean Enterprise.

Level 5 Leadership – Ron Pereira highlights two important leadership qualities being humility and will to succeed.

No Rx for Lean – Jamie Flinchbaugh reminds us that Lean is about thinking and there is no magic formula for lean that works across all sites or companies. Solve your problems not someone else’s.

Wheel of Lean – Ankit Patel describes Muda, Mura, and Muri as part of system of equals that all need to be balanced like that of a wheel on a car.

Why Transformation Efforts Fail - Pete Abilla writes about the main categories for failure of transformations and highlights that 70% of these are organizational issues.

Kanban in a Restaurant – Joe Ely shares a experience from a restaurant where a kanban signal is used to refill drinks.

Returning to America - The Debate – Kevin Meyer reviews an article on the pros and cons of bringing jobs back to America with the emphasis of the benefits.

Brilliant Value Stream Mapping Icon Fonts – Jon Miller and Jamie Flinchbaugh (Value Stream Mapping Font) highlight a simple tool that can support Value Stream Map creation.

How Outsourcing Undermines US Industry – Ralph Bernstein brings attention to a HBR article on the downside outsourcing has on the ability for the US to innovate new products.

Three Ways to Root Cause – Lee Fried describes a way to find the root cause of a problem by looking for a lack of one of three factors.

A Poka Yoke for Strategy – Tom Jackson explains that Hoshin Kanri is really a mistaking proofing process for Strategy.

Who Set the Standard? – Jon Miller sets the story straight on standard work and who does not set the standard.

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