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Monday, November 30, 2009

Lean Roundup #6

Highlights from the Lean Blog Community for the month of November, 2009.

Connect the Lean Dots – TWI stresses using the Gemba as a source for training through small kaizens such that people learn to see the opportunities.

The 5 Universal Laws of Gemba Management – Jon Miller exposes the 5 universal laws that affect the success or failure of a lean transformation and sustainability of Gemba management.

Lesson from Japanese Consultants – Jeff Hajek shares some 17 lessons he has learned from consultants from Japan.

Ritz Carlton's Focus on the Customer – Kevin Meyer examines the success of Ritz Carlton which is summarized by training, empowerment, and trust.

Purpose of Kaizen Events – Mark Graban explains what the real purpose of formal kaizen events are for and how Toyota uses both formal and informal kaizens.

Are You Ready For The Upturn? – Mark Rosenthal provides several steps you can take to be better prepared for upside of the economic recovery.

Is TPS the Best System? – David Meier answers this question by explaining that the Toyota way in not the best or most efficient but rather an effective system of improving for the long term.

Developing Your Lean Education Plan – Jamie Flinchbaugh provides several key things to remember when creating your Lean education plan.

The Goal Statement: My Point Is and I Do Have One... – JC Gatlin describes 5 steps to create a goal statement, the most important part of PDCA problem solving.

Process Observation: Watch Before You Ask – Jeff Hajek explains an observation process commonly referred to as Ohno’s observation circle.

Helping Organizations OPT For Change – Carmen Brickner describes a system for helping organization OPT for change by providing OUTCOME, PLAN, and TRACKING.

Love or Lean: This Quote Rings True: Mark Graban takes time to provide a classic Lean leadership lesson.

Who owns Standard Work? Lee Fried teaches us that it is not the frontline workers who are responsible for standard work.

Lean Team Competes With Asia and Wins – Karen Wilhelm shares a story about a chair manufacturer who used lean to improve efficiency and create its own economic recovery.