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Monday, May 10, 2010

5 Questions Answered by Tim McMahon

Kevin Meyer and Bill Waddell from the blog Evolving Excellence have a series called 5 Questions.  This is where you can learn more information on some of the lean manufacturing and business transformation thought leaders.  The 5 questions are:

1. Who are you, what organization are you with, and what are some of your current lean-oriented activities?

2. How, when, and why did you get introduced to lean and what fueled and continues to fuel the passion?

3. In your opinion what is the most powerful aspect of lean?

4. In your opinion what is the most misunderstood or unrecognized aspect of lean?

5. In your opinion what is the biggest opportunity for lean in today's world?  How can that be accomplished?

Yours truly answers these questions so you can learn more about the man behind A Lean Journey.

1.  Who are you, what organization are you with, and what are your current lean-oriented activities?

I am the Founder and Contributor of A Lean Journey Blog. This site is dedicated to sharing lessons and experiences along the Lean Journey in the Quest for True North. The blog also serves as the source for learning and reflection which are critical elements in Lean Thinking.

Since I believe you should practice what you preach, my day job is a Lean practitioner with more than 10 years of Lean manufacturing experience.  I currently lead continuous improvement efforts for OFS, a high tech manufacturer fiber optic cables and assemblies for several plants in the Northeast.  Currently a major focus is teaching problem solving skills, lean countermeasures, and how to see opportunities for improvement by actively learning, thinking and engaging our workforce.

I have also been supporting the AME Northeast Region Board of Directors as the Social Media Lead. This role is to identify how to best leverage social media tools for increasing networking within AME's Northeast Region. Social media tools include LinkedIn, Twitter, Slideshare, YouTube, Facebook, etc. I contribute with others on AME's Social Media Council to build AMEConnect, a members-only online networking site, and build presence and content on Facebook and Twitter channels.

You can learn more about me on LinkedIn - Tim McMahon, follow me on Twitter - @TimALeanJourney, or be a fan on A Lean Journey Page.

To see my answers to the remaining questions head over to 5 Questions-Meet Tim McMahon on Evolving Excellence.

You can also visit the About Me section of A Lean Journey Blog to learn more.

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