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Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Guest Post on 5S Supply Blog

Today I have a guest post on the 5S Supply Blog entitled Sustaining with Layered Audits.  The Layered Audit approach is especially effective in sustaining process improvements and institutionalizing key process steps because all levels of the organization participate. Layered Audits are tied directly into the fifth S – Sustain – and they are the means used in Lean Improvement Systems to avoid “backsliding” into old habits, creating sustainable culture change.  To learn more continue reading the article at 5S Supply Blog by clicking here.

5S Supply Blog is written by Tony Manos a 5S champion at 5S Supply. Tony is a business advisor with Profero, Inc., Inc., where he provides professional consulting services.  You can also follow Tony on twitter at @5SSupply.

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