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Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Lean Roundup #13 – June, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of June, 2010.

Fake Lean and the Spotting Thereof – Jon Miller lists 5 ways to know if you are getting fake lean from your consultant.

Keeping Score – Evan Durant shares a method of measuring performance to project kanban board.

Asset Depreciation – Productivity Inc talks about having consistently reliable equipment and what you can do to make sure your assets are available and capable.

Where is Culture Created? – Mark Rosenthal talks about the culture of an organization.

The Power of "Yes, if..." Instead of "No, because" – Matthew Davis says a simple choice of words can help combat the resistance to change.

21 Questions to Ask When Walking the Model Line (Part 1 & Part 2) – Jon Miller provides a quick guide to gauge the maturity of your model line.

We're Not Making Chicken Here – Bill Waddell follows up on earlier post on why one size doesn't fit all and why Lean can't be copied.

Step Up to the Plate in a Crisis – Liz Guthridge shares three key lessons about dealing with crises, especially crisis communications in context with recent events.

Tear Down This Wall – Mike Wroblewski talks about the divide that still exists in many organizations between management and shop floor.

Visual Management Principle: There Must be a Standard – Pete Abilla illustrates the importance of a standard in visual management.

The Role of Middle Management in Toyota or a Lean System – Tracey Richardson explains the vital role of a middle manager in continuous improvement.

Add Value Even When It's Free – Ankit Patel shares a compelling story why adding value from the customer's perspective can generate a business in the future.

Lean and The Power of Communication - Dan Markovitz raises the point that if communication is at the heart of what we do then why is so much of it wasteful.

The Theory of Constraints: The Fundamentals – Pete Abilla explains the fundamental concepts of Goldratt's Theory of Constraints.

Give Happiness - Dragan Bosnjak shares some concepts from a new book by Zappos CEO Tony Hsieh on principles to deliver happiness.

Ensuring Continuous Improvement Among Consulting Groups by Connor Shea and Erika Fox – Lee Fried shares some experiences for Lean companies Kaas and FastCap and how to leverage improvement.

"Do" Only Gets You Half the Way There or... "No Pie for You!" – Mark Hamel explains PDCA and doing is only half of improving.

Stop Improving and Start Eliminating – Matt Wrye explains why we should stop improving value added activities and start eliminating waste.

Hope Isn't a Business Strategy – Bill Waddell shares a new idea where functional champions communicate across multiple value streams ensuring consistency.

The 7 Wastes on the Construction Site – JC Gatlin explains Ohno's 7 wastes in terms of the construction industry.

Process Improvement and the Census – Jeff Hajek uses some recent observations from the door-to-door counting process to illustrate several important points when making your own process improvement observations.

The Power of Everyday Frontline Employee Driven Innovation – Andy Brophy explains the power of well run Idea Management Systems.

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