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Sunday, June 6, 2010

The Seven Wastes of Product Development

I recently had the pleasure to guest post on Shmula.  Shmula, is the work of Pete Abilla, a proven Lean and Six Sigma practitioner.  His blog is a reflection of his take on technology, business, operations, Lean, Six Sigma, and a few other topics. Pete started a series of posts under the tag 7 wastes which describe the traditional wastes of Taiichi Ohno in specific context.  I took a look at the wastes that can be found in New Product Development processes.

The first step in eliminating waste from New Product Development (NPD), and thus improving the process, is to learn to identify the eight wastes. By closely examining the entire NPD process from a Lean perspective, the opportunities to drive out waste and increase value will become obvious...

For the rest of the post head over to Shmula.com by clicking here.

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