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Thursday, September 30, 2010

Lean Roundup #16 – September, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of September, 2010.

Coach'em Up! – Dave Krebs takes time to explain what Lean coaching means and the desirable traits of a coach.

Find a Factory Whisperer – Jeff Hajek shares 7 ways to find a mentor, someone who really understands the behavior of a production system.

Getting Support from Support Functions – Greg Stocker reminds us that its about the value to the customer no matter what part of the supply chain you are.

Daily Huddles – Lee Fried gives some advice on running daily huddles (or stand-up meetings).

The Importance of the Daily Meeting – Kevin Meyer continues the dialogue by others on the daily stand-up meeting with his take.

Labor Density - When Dense is Good – Mark Hamel discusses labor density, a measure of value-add intensity relative to total worker motion.

Don't Copy: There is No Instant Pudding – Mark Graban explains there is no quick solution for learning, it takes commitment not copying.

Lean Management and Cost Reduction – Pete Abilla explains why the traditional corporate finance worldview prevents Lean and or Six Sigma from effectively helping the organization in the long-run.

Developing a Lean Thinking Workforce – Tom Southworth defines what a lean thinking workforce is and the process by which you can create it.

It's all in the computer, but can the computer learn? - Michael Ballé shares a story explaining why our compute systems need lean, too.

When to Coach the Process, and When to Coach the Solution – Jamie Flinchbaugh examines when to coach someone on the process or method, or coach them on the solution.

Kaizen and Chemistry – Mark Hamel shares some advice on what to do when a kaizen team has poor chemistry.

Leaders Pull – Jon Miller analyzes whether leaders pull, as in getting people to follow them.

3 Questions to Ask Before Starting with Lean – Mark Graban suggests that you answer these fundamental questions when considering turning to Lean for improvement.

What kind of leadership it takes to change an organization? – Dragan Bosnjak explains four basic leadership principles needed to improve your organization.

How to Sustain a Lean Culture After 10 Years – Jon Miller shares lessons learned on how to operate a lean management system and sustain a lean culture.

Teach Your People Well... – Gary Bergmiller breaks down the mystery of managing a Lean organization to that of taking the time to teach employees.

Automating the Coaching Questions – Mark Rosenthal covers 3 key questions from Toyota Kata about process coaching.

First Time Quality = Lean Homebuilding – JC Gatlin explains his approach to lean in terms of doing the job right the first time.

Fast Does Not Mean Cutting Corners –Gregg Stocker says being faster and more flexible actually requires improving focus and perfecting processes on a continual basis.

5 Reasons You Need to do DMAIC – Christian Paulsen shares a personal story explaining why you need to use DMAIC.

Overlooked Waste Reduction of Kanban – Matt Wrye reminds us that kanban can reduce information flow not just inventory but the real goal is about flow.

Establishing a Classroom Culture – David Kasprzak explores the question of “what id work was like going to school?”

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  3. Tim -

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