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Monday, December 27, 2010

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2010 - Jamie Flinchbaugh

As another year draws to a close we find it is time for the Annual Management Improvement Carnival hosted by John Hunter.  John, the author of Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog, has been highlighted management improvement posts since 2006.  Last year I reviewed the blogs Lean Reflections, The Lean Way, and Gotta Go Lean

This year I will highlight 4 of my favorite blogs: Jamie Flinchbaugh, Gemba Tales, Gotta Go Lean, and Got Boondoggle?  Over the next 4 days I will review each blog starting today with Jamie Flinchbaugh.

I met Jamie online last year after reading his The Hitchhiker's Guide To Lean: Lessons from the Road and starting a blog of my own.  In November I had the opportunity to meet Jamie in person after much dialogue online.  Jamie was the keynote speaker at CONNSTEP's Manufacturing and Business Conference where I also spoke.  He has a number of great Lean ventures but one I have contributed to is The Lean Library which is a powerful resource.

Jamie is a very thought provoking writer that really makes you challenge what you know about Lean.  Here are a few of my favorite posts from this past year:

Diagnosing Current Reality as 1 2 3 – Jamie Flinchbaugh shares 3 steps to diagnosing your current reality which must include direct observation.

Don't Do 5s – Jamie Flinchbuagh shares some thoughts why starting your lean journey with 5S doesn't work for all.

Organizational Design Solves Lean Challenges – Jamie Flinchbaugh pens a great article on how organizational design can be used to solve problems or enhance lean methods.

Forget SMART Goals-Do you have DUMB Goals? – Jamie Flinchbuagh explains some mistakes to avoid when formulating goals so they don't become dumb goals.

When to Coach the Process, and When to Coach the Solution – Jamie Flinchbaugh examines when to coach someone on the process or method, or coach them on the solution.

This is Not a Tree – Jamie Flinchbaugh reminds us that data is a representation of reality that must be analyzed and challenged. 

I hope you enjoy these posts and they make you question your current reality.  Think.  Ask why?  What are you favorite posts from Jamie?  Share them here.

Jamie was kind enough to review my site as part of the annual management improvement carnival last week.

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