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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2010 - Gotta Go Lean

This is the third of four posts reviewing blogs for the Annual Management Improvement Carnival.  The two previous reviews covered Jamie Flinchbaugh and Gemba Tales.  Today, I will highlight the Gotta Go Lean Blog by Jeff Hajek.  Last year I also reviewed Jeff's Blog for the carnival.

I first met Jeff online after coming across his resources online.  Jeff has compiled a comprehensive Lean dictionary called The Continuous Improvement Companion which he consistently updates with new terms.  If you are looking to learn more on Lean this is a good place to start. 

Jeff and I started a steady dialogue at the beginiing og this year.  That lead to a podcast on frontline leadership and a Featured Lean Thinker post.  In the last few months Jeff and I have been doing a live webinar show where we talk about Lean concepts using everyday examples like making coffee or buying milk.

The reason I enjoy Jeff's posts and most likely the reason we work well together is we think alike.  Out of all the bloggers I follow I think Jeff's style and approach is most similiar to mine.  To give you an example I am going to highlight a couple of my favorite post from Jeff here:

9 Tips to Make Your Kaizen Process More Effective – Jeff Hajek shares tips on making your next kaizen event more effective.

7 Tips to Build Good (Lean) Behavior – Jeff Hajek shares 7 ways to create positive lean behaviors on any team.

Lean Leadership Soft Skills – Jeff Hajek lists some of the greatest challenges—and opportunities—for many Lean leaders.

The Secret to Successfully Running a Lean Office: Daily Management – Jeff Hajek talks about a proactive, systematic approach to balancing work load in an office.

How to Overcome 24 Common Lean Excuses – Jeff Hajek talks about various reasons people resist change and how to overcome them.

Find a Factory Whisperer – Jeff Hajek shares 7 ways to find a mentor, someone who really understands the behavior of a production system.

The 18 Principles of Lean Leadership – Jeff Hajek shares 18 principles to guide you when leading in a Lean environment.

As you can see from this list Jeff, being the service provider that he is, is always offering practical advise that everyone can use in their organization.  I continue to learn a great deal from Jeff's posts and know you will too.

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