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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Annual Management Improvement Carnival: 2010 - Got Boondoggle?

In my final review for the Annual Management Improvement Carnival I will be highlighting Got Boondoggle?  Previously I reviewed Jamie Flinchbaugh, Gemba Tales, and Gotta Go Lean blogs.  Got Boondoggle? is written by Mike Wroblewski, former daily Lean practitioner and now consultant at Gemba Consulting.

Mike's blog is one the first Lean blogs I started following and was really the inspiration for me to start my own site.  I have a great respect for Mike for sharing his Lean experiences and knowledge with so many people.  He has been blogging steadily since 2005 so if you haven't read some of his original work I highly suggest you take some time to do so.  I have useda another of the examples Mike has shared in my own organization.

This past October I had the opportunity to meet Mike in person at the Northeast Shingo Prize Conference.  He did a great presentation on Kaizen events.  He shared the idea for the Got Milk presentation which I recently used to teach Lean.

Here are some of my favorite posts from Mike this year:

Top 14 Ways to Reduce Changeovers – Mike Wroblewski discusses 14 ways that you can reduce equipment changeovers in your process.

Management Magical Mystery Tour – Mike Wroblewski talks about the wasted opportunity of executive level plant visits.

Cats and Dogs in Manufacturing – Mike Wroblewski shares Ohno's advice on outsourcing those typically small volume, hard to make, mainly less profitable parts.

Winning Poker Hand of Corporate Metrics – Mike Wroblewski says we should spend the majority of our time on Delivery, Quality, Safety plus Morale and spend less time on Cost.

Tear Down This Wall – Mike Wroblewski talks about the divide that still exists in many organizations between management and shop floor.

Managing Mura - Mike Wroblewski writes about mura not from the uneveness of the demand but that which is self inflicted.

Mike writes about simple Lean concepts in a uniquely elegant way.  He is very creative in his posts which makes each concept stick in your mind.  I am always learning something new from Mike and for this reason I keep coming back to his blog to learn from his experiences.

I'd like to thank John Hunter for the opportunity to participate in this years Annual Management Improvement Carnival.  John regularly hosts a management improvement carnival with the best of the best posts.  This was the inspiration for the Lean Roundup posted monthly on A Lean Journey.

I have shared some of my favorite posts from my favorite bloggers this week.  Now I would like to hear some of your favorite posts.  Share them here.

Continue to checkout the reviews of the other great bloggers to be reviewed in this carnival.

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