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Thursday, September 29, 2011

Lean Roundup #28 – September, 2011

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of September, 2011.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Many good employees want to continue to do their current job well – John Hunter explains that respect people requires paying attention to their actual needs and desires.

Who is really running the business? - Jauna Werner says to make a point to observe whether your plans, processes and standards are evident in each activity, connection or flow.

Stop Demotivating Your Employees – Dan Markovitz talks about the mismatch between authority and responsibility and how it can demotivate.

Why Don't People Follow Procedures? – Christian Paulsen writes about the value of following up with the team through their experience.

Case Study How to Make an Office Lean – Dan Markovitz shares a case study on how to implement Lean in your office.

Lean Volunteerism - Go Make Difference – Robert Hafey shares an experience from the community and challenges you to help Lean up your community and then the world.

Keys to Sustaining 5S – Matt Wrye shares four tips to help you sustain your 5S efforts which also support sustaining Lean.

Cottage Cheese and Mindless Adherence to Rules – Dan Markovitz shares a personal story that demonstrates the danger when leader's create an unthinking workforce.

How do you define SCM project success? – Monique Rupert explains 3 business benefits that can be measured to demonstrate supply chain management project success.

The Cream of The Crop – Ken Lowe talks about the problems associated with benchmarking best practices.

Every Approval is a Leadership Failure – Jeff Hajek challenges business leaders to look at approvals as an opportunity for improvement and developing people.

Junaid's Learning from a TPM Workshop – S.M Junaid explains TPM from a mother-child analogy and why caring for a machine is a lot like caring for your baby.

12 Common Errors or Lessons Learned with Value Stream Mapping-Part 1 & Part 2 – Tony Manos lends some great advice for those who are mapping their value streams.

With New Technology, Where Should We Go? – John Miller says like any technology, Lean must be used to create opportunities for people, not destroy them

Another Classic Lean Question - "Do you see what I see?" – Mark Hamel explains 2 ways that you can answer this in a lean context.

Lean and Operational Excellence – Dan Jones explains why Lean is a more comprehensive system than the view of operation excellence as a collection of best practices.

This Flows Up, That Flows Down – David Kasprzak shares some tips on how to balance the flow of pressures up and down and create flow.

Mike Rother: Time to Retire the Wedge – Mark Rosenthal explains Mike Rother's thinking that we stop sustaining and keep improving.

Call Firefighting and Band-Aids What They Are - But Do Them in a Structured Way – Jamie Flichbaugh says there is a time and place for fire-fighting but it must be done right.

10 Common Lean Lies – Mark Hamel explores 10 common lies found in so called Lean companies.

Changing the Discussion – Bill Waddell challenges executives to look at the financial numbers differently, one where value added and non-value added effort is separated.

Time –Dragan Bosnjak shares a quote from Taiichi Ohno and then challenges us to reflect on the importance of time as the basis for continuous improvement.

To Get Results, You Gotta Do the Work – Mike Wroblewski uses the reality example from Biggest Loser to illustrate an important Lean Lesson.

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