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Tuesday, February 7, 2012

New Product: WeekDate Simplifies Planning

WeekDate provides one dedicated area for monthly events and one for weekly events that never change. This clever calendar is split into 3 sections:

Top - Monthlies
Monthlies are activites that occur every month on the same day. For example, your book club is the fourth Thursday of every month.

Bottom - Weeklies
Weeklies are events that occur every week such as yoga class that is every Tuesday morning or your Weekly Status Meeting on Wednesday afternoons.

Middle - Specifics
Specifics are everyday things that need to go specifically on a date, such as a doctor's appointment, lunch with a friend, or a business meeting.These specific pages are color coded so you know where you are in the month at all times. (1st week, 2nd week, etc.)

Check out this video demonstrating how this calendar works:

What do you think? Is this product one that cuts down wasted entries in a planner by putting meetings where they belong? Now you only have to write it once.

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