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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Lean Roundup #41 – October, 2012

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of October, 2012.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Agile Lego - Kanban Kata Getting Started – Hakan Forss explains how to Kanban and Toyota Kata into a retrospective style meeting using his Lego graphics.

Lead With Humiliation – Bruce Hamilton talks about what is means for transformation leaders to lead with humility.

Convincing the Unconvinced - Glade Nielson explains the importance of spending your energy on getting those that are undecided to see your cause.

Preparing For The Natural Tendency To Backslide – Gregg Stocker writes about preventing backsliding from Lean thinking to more traditional thinking and what to do about it.

Perfection - Dragan Bosnjak explains the importance that a view regarding perfection has on continuous improvement.

Lean is a Lifestyle Change – Jamie Wilson explains Lean by comparing Lean Thinking to the world of diet and weight loss.

Flow if You Can, Pull if You Can't – Michael Balle says factories need to learn to flow but if they can't then you must pull to control materials.

Depends on Your Goals – Mike Rother says Lean starts with defining your goals to set the direction then you create current state and target state using PDCA cycles.

7 Tips for Communicating in a Brain Friendly Way – Liz Guthridge provides communication tips that show respect by communicating clearly.

11 Common Misconceptions About Lean – Jeff Hajek explains lean by debunking common misconceptions and myths of Lean.

Retail Values For Lean Leadership – Jon Miller shares a set of leadership values for a Lean Leader that are customer focused.

"I Get No Respect" - 11 Ways Lean Leaders Can Show Respect to the Frontline – Matt Hanrion shares ways leaders can show respect in a Lean Healthcare transformation journey.

Bi-Polar Working Environment – John Smith says you need to make a conscience decision to stop treating everything as a fire and learn from your mistakes.

Going Beyond Quality Makes No Sense - There Is No Border To Move Beyond – John Hunter says there should be no limit to the quality department's influence in improvement.

An Adaptive System – Erika Fox says while change is inevitable and Lean provide the tools it is people that build the systems.

Lean and Technology – Bill Waddell talks about Lean versus technology and while technology is a tool not a strategy they can fit together.

5 Skills To Steal From Auctioneers – Liz Guthridge presents 5 leadership skills that we should adopt from Auctioneers.

Just Call It "5s Six Sigma" Instead of "Lean Sigma," Please – Mark Graban talks about the fallacies in Lean, Six Sigma, and combinations thereof.

Respect for People Goes In All Directions – Natalie Sayer challenges the inference that "Respect for People" is unidirectional or bidirectional.

Obstacles vs Lists of Tools – Mark Rosenthal explains while it takes longer it is better to teach someone to observe the impact of variation on process than a list of tools.

Consistency is Key – Karen Martin explains that disciplined organizations are more creative, flexible, and successful than those that are not.

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