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Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Annual Management Improvement Carnival 2012: Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog

In my first review for John Hunter's Annual Management Improvement Carnival I have chosen it's organizer.  I have the opportunity to highlight a number of my favorite posts from John on The Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog. We recently got to know John a little more from appearance on the Meet-up. I've known John since I started my own blog as he connected with me early on. John has a wealth of knowledge and experience that I found very valuable. In fact my concept for the round-up came from John's management improvement carnivals.

John has a real passion for increasing the adoption of better management practices.   He believes people should not be miserable in their jobs and we can create what is needed while people have joy in work. His concern for respecting people comes across in his blog posts.

Here is a small collection of some of my favorite posts by John on Management Improvement. 

Why Use Lean If So Many Fail To Do So Effectively – John Hunter shares his thoughts on why you should use Lean as your business strategy for improvement.

Lean Manufacturing and The Toyota Production System – John Hunter explains his thoughts about what lean manufacturing, lean thinking means.

Long Term Thinking with Respect for People – John Hunter says the first priority of management is providing long term viability of the company.

Leading Improvement and Enjoying the Rewards – John Hunter explains the role of leaders in improvement and the necessity of coaching people.

Remove Waste, Uncover Individual Human Beings – John Hunter writes about removing barriers across our organization which is at the heart of respect for people.

Creating a Quality Culture – John Hunter writes about what it takes to create a quality focused culture and why it is so difficult to do for most companies.

Going Beyond Quality Makes No Sense - There Is No Border To Move Beyond – John Hunter says there should be no limit to the quality department’s influence in improvement.

John truly understands what it means to break down barriers of traditional thinking to create systems that empower and encourage people to improve their workplace. I personally find that John's posts challenge my thinking and provides valuable reflection. I trust you will find the same.

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  1. Thanks for your post taking a look at my blog.

    1. Thank you for all you do John. I continue to learn a great deal from you.