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Wednesday, December 4, 2013

Guest Post: Workplace Trust

Recently, I had a great conversation with Edward Hallinan, from Unum,on employee empowerment.We discussed the importance of trust in terms of empowerment.  I am pleased to present Edward's post on workforce trust and how to increase it in your workplace.
On 13th November, Tim wrote a post on the importance of empowering employees for improvement. In it, we found not only that employee empowerment leads to a more knowledgeable, hence effective workforce but, crucially, a more motivated one. And the catalyst for this? Trust. 

When a workforce is trusted to take key decisions and equipped with the tools to do so, it is a clear sign of trust from the higher echelons of a company. And the great thing about trust? It is reciprocal. That means that a trusted workforce trusts its employers in equal measure – a win win situation. 

The role of trust as a key motivator has been explored in real depth by employee engagement expert, Susanne Jacobs and the skilled income protection team at Unum. Entitled, Workplace Trust, the unique infographic depicts 8 factors that lead to increased trust among employees and hence productivity.

Workplace Trust: An infographic by the team at Unum UK

About the Author: Edward Hallinan is a professional content writer, currently writing on behalf of Unum. He is passionate about championing the role of employees in big businesses and believes motivation is the key to success!

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