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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Leadership Lessons From Walt Disney - Part 2

While I am on vacation at Disney World I a sharing some leadership lessons from Walt Disney himself.  To continue from the previous post on Leadership Lessons from Disney we will discuss another 6 lessons. 

#7 Explore, Probe, And Know What Is Going On In Your Organization… And Act Upon The Information! 
Leaders cannot make the right decisions or take the right actions without knowing the truth. You need many ways to stay informed. One of the best ways to know what is going on is to establish comfortable relationships so that people at every level feel comfortable discussing an issue or topic with you. Be available for people when they need you. Learn the truth by observing your operation from the customer and employee points of view regularly.

#8 Actively Observe And React To The Performance Of Your Direct Reports - Take Time For Recognition, Coaching, And Counseling! 
Feedback is a powerful thing, and it is hard to improve without it because we have a hard time seeing our own faults as others see them. Train yourself to always notice performance, both positive and negative, and provide feedback. Coach and train your team on better ways to perform as a role model because people learn from what they observe more than what they are told. You deserve what you tolerate so never ignore or tolerate poor performance or bad behavior. Learn to think of “ARE”: Appreciation, Recognition, and Encouragement.

#9 Expand And Act Upon Knowledge And Experience Of The Best Service Available Anywhere! 
Don’t be a dinosaur. Continuously learn and expand on your knowledge and experience in these four areas: 1) Technical competence 2) Management competence 3) Technology competence 4) Leadership competence Keep up with the fast pace change in your business. Participate in professional networking, learn from your competitors, and aggressively solicit input on best practices. 

#10 Partner Effectively And Successfully With Staff And Other Cross-functional Partners! Partnership skills may be one of the reasons that some Leaders get such great results and are remembered fondly while other fail because they do not develop strong relationships with people. A good partner is available, keeps people informed, honors commitments, responds promptly, and stands up for what is right. Build trust by welcoming input and constructive feedback and asking for and offering help. 

#11 Demonstrate A Passionate, Professional Commitment To Your Role!!! 
Passion is the driving force that enables people to attain far more than they ever imagined. Commitment means you will go all the way for what you believe in. Passion and commitment go hand in hand. Demonstrate personal ownership by doing it right, and doing it right each and every time you do it. Make sure your job is something you love to do and be excited about coming to work. Remember to have a positive attitude because of the saying “Good attitude, good results; bad attitude, bad results.” 

#12 Understand And Demonstrate Mastery Of Business Fundamentals! 
Understand your business unit’s strategic plan and that of the company. Continuously improve your core business processes so they will create a competitive advantage. Be aware of global trends that may impact your business for the better and the worst. Don’t be a fence sitter. Be decisive and make tough choices. Know where and when to take risks and when to be cautious. Learn to operate the business as if it were your own. 

The trail of success always leads back to leadership. Poor leadership or great leadership has a lot to do with everything that happens in the world in one way or another. Leadership is simply defined as making the right things happen. What do you think, did Walt Disney get it right? Are you employing these lessons to be a great leader or do you know someone you exemplifies these lessons?

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