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Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Lean Roundup #63 - August, 2014

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of August, 2014.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

3 Ways to React to Human Error – Mark Graban explains the typical reaction to human error and a better way to prevent the effects of human error.

The CEO must remove all barriers to lean, and some barriers are people. If one person must leave the company, do so with respect – Orry Fiume explains how Wiremold dealt with the Lean Transformation with employees.

Respect doesn’t mean that pamper or coddle people. Attitudes issues are adressed one on one – David Meier explains the respect for people concept and how to deal performance issues.

Ask Art: What Does a Lean Manager Do Differently? – Art Byrne compares Lean management and traditional management.

Eliminate the Need for Heroics – Karen Martin says outstanding organizations continuously strive to create work environments where successful performance isn’t dependent on heroics.

The Biggest Obstacles to Making Manufacturing Leaner – Tom Bonine explains 5 obstacles in Lean manufacturing implementation and how to over come them.

Focus on Flow – Bob Emiliani says focus on flow is the foundation of Lean and it’s departure leads to fake Lean.

Using Observation Systematically – Jamie Flinchbaugh explains 4 levels of observation and how to use them how to extract the truth.

How We Learn – Bruce Hamilton shares a 3 step model for management effectiveness developed from Ryuji Fukuda.

OFTEN SKIPPED: UNDERSTAND THE CHALLENGE AND DIRECTION – Mark Rosenthal explains the missing and important step in Toyota Kata.

Catalog Engineers and Value Stream Mapping – Pete Abilla challenges you to go against the norm and add creativity and innovation to your Lean approach.

Teaching Up in the Organization? – Mark Graban talks about how we help leaders learn and lead Lean.

The Secret is in the Process – Bill Waddell says how work flows though the value stream to the customer is what really matters.

People are Not Resources – Johanna Rothman says when managers think of people as resources, they stop thinking.

Reprise: The Fog of Big Company Disease – Pascal Dennis explains that it the leader’s role to increase the visibility of the current condition.

8 Tips for “Passing the Baton” with Suppliers and Customers – Robert Martichenko shares 8 lean principles to guide you in analyzing and improving handoffs with suppliers and customers.

Communicating With Respect – Alice Lee talks about how to improve your communication and how to do it with respect for people.

Lean Talks: Are You Making Excuses or Solving Problems? – Mark Graban shares a talk he gave at the Lean Transformation Summit on the culture of continuous improvement.

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