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Monday, January 4, 2016

Lean Roundup #79 - December, 2015

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of December, 2015.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Did Ohno Miss Something? – Gregg Stocker contends that Ohno’s message was about more than just elimination of waste but should focus on the company’s vision.

Imagine a world without Standardization – Tracey Richardson talks about the importance of standard work with some real world examples we all experience.

Mistake-Proofing Mistakes – Bruce Hamilton shares seven reasons that the tool is not seen to purposeful by team members,

What Poka-Yoke Are And Are Not, And How To Sustain Them – Michel Baudin discusses mistake proofing and how to make it effective.

How Can I Speed Up My Team’s Lean Learning? – Michel Baudin answers a popular question on how to learn Lean faster.

Lean is Dead – Andy Carlino says that Lean as a system has not evolved in recent years and that it is time to rethink our approach.

The Lean Movement’s Strategic Errors – Bob Emiliani discusses the failure of Lean implementations by leaders and why a new focus on Lean Management is coming.

Something Revolutionary Seen as Ordinary – Bob Emiliani says Lean is more about learning to compete instead of avoiding competition.

Culture Change Requires That Leaders Change Their Behavior – John Hunter says culture change comes first from changing leadership behaviors.

Data is Important and You Must Confirm What the Data Actually Says – John Hunter discusses the need for reliable data to drive decisions and how to get it.

“If the Employees are Upset, it’s Not Really Lean” – Mark Graban says when Lean is done well, properly, you don’t hear complaints.

IndustryWeek’s Lean Leadership Guidebook – Jamie Flinchbaugh’s posts in Industry Week column have been compiled to create a leadership guidebook.

Reflections on Hoshin – Jon Miller says success with hoshin demands a commitment to reflection.

Now, at the Gemba – Kevin Meyer says as we contemplate the past and plan for the future, don’t forget the present.

Lessons from 2015 on Lean Coaching – Jon Miller shares his personal lessons on coaching Lean so we can all benefit.

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