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Monday, February 1, 2016

Lean Roundup #80 – January, 2016

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of January, 2016.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

A Goal to Explore Out of the Box – Kevin Meyer says we set a goal to do something different, one that stretches us outside our comfort zone.

How I Stopped Making New Year’s Resolutions – Jon Miller shares his way to stay more focused making resolutions redundant.

Forget the New Year’s Resolution... – Jamie Flinchbaugh talks about avoid resolutions by setting real goals and acting on them.

Sustaining New Year's Resolutions - Any different than sustaining Lean? – Tracey Richardson says that sustaining a New Year’s Resolution is just like sustaining Lean.

Success is the Enemy of Future Success - Reprise – Pascal Dennis explains why we need relentless self-examination to avoid status quo.

Can You Handle Disruption? – Pete Abilla says disruption, much like change, can be a good thing so embrace it.

Saving Money vs Making Money – Glenn Whitfield describes why Lean should really be about increasing value instead of eliminating waste.

The Most Important Lean Tool – Matt Wrye explains that observation is the most important tool and everyone can do it.

People Do What Gets Reviewed – Terry Howell says management must have a cadence of going to the gemba to review, audit, and coach their team if they want to encourage improvement.

Lean & Wakefulness – Pascal Dennis says that wakefulness is at the heart of Lean business system.

Another Use for Duct Tape – Bruce Hamilton shares a lesson about developing thinkers where leadership must allow employees to solve their own problems instead of giving them all the answers.

The Only Genuine Knowledge Is That of Actual Experience – Steve Kane shares 5 ways to get the most out of your training.

Gemba Walks: Do You Walk the Walk? – Pete Abilia says to get the most out of Gemba Walks you’ll need both planning and follow-up.

Where Do Hospitals Get the Idea that Lean is Only About Cost Reduction? – Mark Graban explains why Lean is not about cost cutting and why that is an ineffective strategy.

Toyota Kata PodCast – Habits for Continuous Learning and Improvement – Hakan Forss discusses Toyota Kata for creating habits for continuous learning and improvement.

Lean’s Midlife Crisis – Bob Emiliani talks about leader’s narrow focus on cost cutting and slow adoption of respect for people when claiming to implement Lean.

What Went Wrong? – Bob Emiliani review his thoughts on the miscalculations of Lean adoption.

Let's Stop Being Hypocrites: Work is Work – Dan Markovitz talks about Lean in the office environment.

No Shortcuts: Creating a Lean Environment the Right Way – Michael Balle discusses why there is no shortcut to Lean implementation, it takes learning.

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