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Wednesday, April 27, 2016

Book Review: Lean Culture Change – Using a Daily Management System

There are many books that explain the why, the what, the when and the where. These are all very important. However without the how - the needed execution to achieve - high performance will not take place. Lean Culture Change does an amazing job all tying all the tools together to deploy and practice a lean management system.

Steven Leuschel, Lean healthcare practitioner pens book, Lean Culture Change Using a Daily Management System. This new book reveals decades of organizational transformation knowledge deeply rooted in the Toyota Production System and Toyota's culture. He covers the importance of daily huddles to develop respect for all employees, problem solving to stop firefighting, utilizing a balanced scorecard to drive performance improvement, strategy deployment to ensure all stakeholders are aligned to one purpose, how to improve the system vice sub-optimization, a safety system to ensure patient safety is priority, and how to sustain for the long haul.

The book is packed with principles, practices, and tools at a tactical level. It is a helpful resource for you to know the countermeasures to problems many organizations have in implementing Lean management.

Lean Culture Change is designed to be a training manual for team leaders and Senior Leaders who wish to study and adapt the Transformation Curve. This hands-on field book contains over 200 pages, 100 images/examples, and 6 case studies.

The target audience for this book is healthcare professionals looking to implement Lean however I believe all industry management can learn from this book. I would recommend Lean Culture Change to leaders looking to coach cultural transformation and continuous improvement.

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  1. Hey Tim, can you tell me where I can buy this book? Hope to hear from you! Best, Rik

    1. It can be found on Amazon as I listed in the post.