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Monday, May 2, 2016

Lean Roundup #83 – April, 2016

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of April, 2016.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Indefinite Postponement – Bruce Hamilton shares the top ten reasons he hears for why so many postpone Lean implementation indefinitely.

Why don't we solve problems like we eat pizza? – Tracey Richardson explains problem solving should be done by the slice and not solving world hunger.

Using Takt Time to Compute Labor Cost – Mark Rosenthal talks about takt time, cycle time, and labor costs and their uses.

What you Need To Know About Your Lean & Agile Manufacturing Efforts – Mike P discusses the complementary approaches of Lean and Agile and their strategic advantage when combined.

To Learn Corporate Strategy, Study the Military Masters – Pascal Dennis shares words of wisdom from military leaders that we can learn from.

Problem Statement…Got One? – Matt Wrye explains five components to a well written problem statement.

Are We Happy With Mediocrity? – Gregg Stocker discusses a shift in thinking toward the idea that mediocrity is unacceptable and that the organization must change this.

How to Change Minds – Jon Miller talks about how effective continuous improvement leader persuade change.

Systems Thinking: Feedback Loops – John Hunter says to get different results the management system must change.

The GTAA Effect: 5 Secrets For Improving Employee Engagement – Marci Reynolds says the of the most important competencies of any leader of people, is their ability to influence and improve employee satisfaction and engagement.

A3 Report: Mastering the Elevator Pitch – Pete Abilla talks about the power of the A3 report for advocating your project.

11 Ways You Can Get Ideas to Flow From Staff – Duke Rohe shares 11 ways to get your employees to share their ideas.

#KaizenLive: Asking, Not Telling… Not Just About Solutions, But About Problems – Mark Graban shares great lessons from “Kaizen Live!” class and workshop at Franciscan St. Francis Health.
Lean Success and Lean Failure – Bob Emiliani shares his thoughts on Lean implementation successes and Lean transformation failures.

Kaizen Means You Care – Dan Markovitz says that when we do kaizens, we make work easier, it is a way of showing leaders care.

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