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Monday, August 1, 2016

Recognition: Top 10 Management Improvement Blogs

John Hunter with Curious Cat Management Improvement Blog recently ranked the top management improvement blogs. A Lean Journey was ranked 10 out of 43 blogs.

John created a ranking of top management improvement blogs for fun. There is no way to objectively rate blogs by how worthy or valuable they are. He just wanted to create a listing that ranked blogs I thought were worth reading using a collection of metrics that he thinks have some merit.

Here are the top 10 as of now (it will change over time):

The most important factor is my selection of what blogs to include in the first place. Then I rank them using several other factors: link popularity (how many links to the sites, with more authoritative links carrying more weight), a subjective ranking by me, traffic (using an admittedly pretty flawed measure of traffic – but again this is just for fun so…), Twitter authority of the author, domain authority (based on links, not just to the blog, but the web site overall).

I am very honored that John selected my blog and that I made the top 10 list.  It is always wonderful to be recognized for all the effort I put into this labor of love, blogging in the Lean community.

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