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Monday, May 22, 2017

8th Year Blog Anniversary

It is hard to believe but tomorrow marks the 8th anniversary of A Lean Journey Blog and as tradition here each year I take the opportunity to reflect. The act of "self-reflection" is called Hansei is Japanese. It is the practice of continuous improvement that consists of looking back and thinking about how a process can be improved.

I’d like to think that I turned my naive endeavor to share learning along my own journey into a successful contribution in the Lean community. As I have said before this labor of love has been a tremendous learning process both from the great fans and other colleagues online that I exchange with and from the process of distilling my own learning with you.

I love statistics, so with this milestone, here are some numbers from the blog:

Total Posts: 1465

Most read post:  DOWNTIME and the Eight Wastes with over 27,000 views

followed by The Six-Step Problem-Solving Process (with over 27,000 views)

Number of countries/territories who have visited this blog:  223

Top 3 Countries with the most views:
U.S.A. – 49%
United Kingdom – 7%
Canada – 5%

Total views:  Over 1,103,907 and climbing

Unique visits: Over 848,087

Total comments:  Over 1,500

Total Facebook Fans: Over 1,981

Total Twitter Followers: Over 3,414

LinkedIn Members: Over 1,206

Total Tips Shared: Over 1665

I would like to thank all the visitors and contributors to A Lean Journey Blog this past year.  It has been a successful Journey this past year. Please, share your feedback so that A Lean Journey can be even more successful next year.

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  1. Tim someday you should go to work for a company and actually do the Lean journey you write about.You will get great first hand experience doing some of the many Lean things you blog about. It would give you much greater insight and perspectives of Lean in its truest forms and functions. It goes with the old Chinese proverb story about the boy learning from the "wind in the box". You can't capture it. You must experience it to know what it is really all about.

    1. Hi William. I do. If you follow me then you know I do practice what I preach. Over 20 years I have been implementing Lean practices into several businesses from the ground up (like Lucent Technologies, JDSU, and Wiremold). In some cases there was a traditional push factory and in others there were parts of a lean culture. They all had different problems so that the adoption of Lean has been different at each of them. It isn't the tools but rather the people aspects that I find are customized.

      Any way most of what I write about comes from some experience I've had along the way.

  2. Happy Birthday 'A Lean Journey' (Tim) - I have been following your blog for many years and have learned so much from it. Thank you so much, keep inspiring, Best Regards, Siobhain