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Monday, July 10, 2017

Why The Best Managers Are Always Good Listeners

There are many roles a manager must fulfill. They vary from industry-to-industry, but in every case, they are numerous. However, one skill that’s useful in most tasks that a manager undertakes, is that of being a good listener.

Part of a manager’s role is to make people feel valued. Others include:
  •   Giving instructions.
  •   Sharing or delivering important news.
  •   Striking deals and making agreements.
  •   Assessing and management of grievances.
Of course, these aren’t a manager’s only responsibilities. What those listed here all have in common, though, is that listening is a key component. Yes, there is much planning and talk required. However, without the ability to listen well, a manager will be less effective.

Listening is important because it’s the most direct way of understanding what someone is trying to tell you. It might not always seem important to you. But, if people are able to speak to you, happy in the knowledge that you will really listen to them – and not just hear them – then they will think of you, their manager, in a more positive light.

With all the pressures that managers are under, it can be difficult to do everything that’s required, in the allotted time frame.

The key points in becoming a good listener are:
  •   Engage in active listening.
  •   Switch off or move away from electronic devices.
  •   Keep focused on the main message.
  •   Concentrate and try to avoid misunderstandings.
  •   Be patient.
To get your skills up to speed, read this guide which details tips on how to become a better listener.

About the Author:
Jackie Edwards is now a writer after a successful career in HR and Management. She's a mum to two small girls and a menagerie of pets and in her free time volunteers for a number of local mental health charities.

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