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Wednesday, May 30, 2018

Lean Roundup #108 – May, 2018

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of May, 2018.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Transparency Is Key to an Efficient Supply Chain - Megan Nichols says maintaining visibility throughout the entire supply chain results in several key benefits for companies, vendors, distributors, customers and even partners.

Delegating Lean – Paul Akers discusses how delegation is the number one reason why Lean fails.

Good Project Management Practices – John Hunter shares his project management views based on the management improvement principles he’s gained for over 20 years.

Using Data Science To Improve Manufacturing – Michel Baudin explains “data science” covers real advances in the art of working with data, and the more relevant question is what it can do to improve existing operations.

Leader Standard Waste – Bruce Hamilton shares concerns about the application of Leader Standard Work and Gemba Walks as these potentially valuable practices have too often degenerated into obligatory scripted play acting.

What’s Holding Lean Back? – Bob Emiliani says his recent research makes it clear that the past does not merely inhibit the advancement and practice of Lean, it cripples Lean.

The Importance of Respect for People in Problem-Solving – Kevin Meyer says the value of respect is especially important in kaizen, continuous improvement, and the problem-solving that supports those activities.

Leaders Manage Uncertainty – Johanna Rotham says work— and life– is full of uncertainty and when we look for risks and actively manage them, we have a better chance of managing our uncertainty.

Lean Leadership and the Competitive Edge in Manufacturing – Pete Abilla says leaders must incorporate innovative, automated solutions to their manufacturing process that is supported by a skilled and educated workforce.

What’s the Right Way to Do a Gemba Walk? – Jon Miller explains the gemba walk is not about the gemba or the walk it is all about the humble listening.

How 200 Jobs Were Saved by Engaging Employees in Continuous Improvement – Jess Orr shares a story of a facility who struggled with decreasing productivity saved itself with engagement and getting better everyday.

Ask Art: Am I Showing Respect for People by Asking for Fast Action? – Art Byrne says even going at a very rapid pace a lean turnaround is a journey not a sprint, and will take years.

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