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Wednesday, May 23, 2018

9th Year Blogging - Happy Anniversary!

Nine years ago told I started a journey that has become this blog. Today, marks the 9th anniversary of A Lean Journey Blog. I had no idea then what I was getting into or that I'd still be doing this nine years later.  Frankly, I wasn't sure anyone would read what I wrote never mind find value in it. It truly has been a wonderful experience and full of opportunities.

This labor of love has been a tremendous learning process both from the great fans and other colleagues online that I exchange with and from the process of distilling my own learning with you. I've been fortunate to meet so many great people from experts to layman (like myself) along the way who've taught me so much.

After 9 years I'd like to think this simple blog has been a success. It has been a valued contribution in the Lean Community with over a million visitors.  Many articles are frequently shared and many key word searches lead to A Lean Journey Blog. Less then 10% of the blogs I read 9 years ago (which got me started) are still publishing articles. The number of returning visitors has increased every year for the last 5 years. I get great feedback from many of you which motivates me to continue.

Some may be asking how do you define success for a blog?  I think like most publications it is basically about audience.  Are you growing followers? Are people reading your posts? So like in previous years we can look at the number visitors, Facebook fan, tweeps on Twitter, and LinkedIn members as an indication of growth.

I love statistics, so with this milestone, here are some numbers from the blog:

Total Posts: 1622

Most read post:  The Six-Step Problem-Solving Process with over 29,750 views

followed by DOWNTIME and the Eight Wastes with over 28,100 views

and by What Do We Mean By True Northwith over 20,700 views

Number of countries/territories who have visited this blog:  219

Top 3 Countries with the most views:
U.S.A. – 48%
United Kingdom – 8%
India – 5%

Total views:  Over 1,290,113 and climbing

Unique visits: Over 1,009,562

Total comments:  Over 1,500

Total Facebook Fans: Over 2,046

Total Twitter Followers: Over 3,573

LinkedIn Members: Over 1,203

Total Tips Shared: Over 1885

I would like to thank all the visitors and contributors to A Lean Journey Blog this year and every year.  It has been a successful journey. Please, share your feedback so that A Lean Journey can be even more successful in the future.

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  1. Tim I appreciate the effort you have given over the past 9 years. I have read and used the information from here over and over and hope to for years to come. Thanks.

  2. Congratulations Tim. I am very appreciative of the hard work you put into your blog and how you generously share your expertise.

  3. Keep up the good work. It is a shame 90% of the blogs are no longer publishing - quite a few good blogs are gone. Thankfully there are still some good blogs left (though not as many today as 9 years ago in my opinion).