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Monday, October 1, 2018

Lean Roundup #112 – September 2018

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of September, 2018.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

Are You a Good Coach? An Effective Coach? HBR Says You Might Not Be – Mark Graban talks about an HBR article which indicate people often overstate their own leadership abilities but they can learn to improve.

Effective Change Management Strategies and Tactics – John Hunter shares several posts where he has explored the idea of how to create a culture that promotes effective change management.

A Better Way to Visualize Hoshin Plans – Dan Markovitz shares an alternative to the x-matrix which they a relationship chart which is easier to understand.

Midnight at the Gemba – Kevin Meyer shares a story from his early career where he learned to go to the Gemba of 24/7/365 operation by having staff meeting at midnight.

Innovation: Without it, You're Not Doing Lean – Gregg Stocker debunks the common misconception that lean thinking and innovation somehow conflict one another.

Individual Contributor vs. Team Member – Johanna Rothman says we need to rethink out term individual contributor since no one is literally an individual contributor.

Selling Lean to Business Leaders – Bob Emiliani shares thoughts on why senior leaders resist lean and why we need to continue to sell transformation.

Top 10 Differences between Traditional and CI-Infused Problem-solving – Jon Miller explains the top 10 differences between traditional problem solving and problem solving that is infused with the principles and practices of continuous improvement.

Constraints Are Opportunities – Steve Kane explains who constraints can reveal opportunities to improve processes.

Hoshin Kanri Aligns Goals and Unifies Organizations – Pete Abilla talks about how Hoshin Kanri creates flow, closes loops, and ensure focus and clarity.

How to Manage Continuous Improvement without Authority – Jon Miller discusses how management position without traditional authority but traditional goals and expectations like that of the Lean Manager can achieve success.

Avoiding Dashboard Wallpaper – Leslie Barker shares a personal experience where she found a board that wasn’t effective and what you can do to build a system of dashboards that are.

Ask Art: Why Does Boosting Inventory Turns Matter So Much? – Art Byrne explains that inventory turns should be a focus for every company because that is the key to creating flow.

Lean Transformation? Not Buying It – Mike Orzen discusses how can we create a culture of continuous improvement when we appear to understand transformation as a static destination.

TPS, the Thinking People System – Michael Balle answers the question how does one get CEOs to adopt lean by explaining the TPS “house” and it’s meaning.

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