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Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Lean Roundup #119 – April 2019

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of April, 2019.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.

A Practical Approach to Change: Some Strategies and Tools by Peter Scholtes – John Hunter shares presentation Peter gave on the types of personal attitudes toward change.

Success Factors When Starting A Continuous Improvement Journey – Jeff Hajek presents a list of success factors are indicators that a company has a good shot at making Lean stick.

Promotion of Lean Must Evolve – Bob Emiliani talks about how to get Senior Management on board with Lean.

Effective and Sustainable Lean Transformation Requires Effective Change Leadership – Mark Graban says it's one thing to have knowledge about Lean methods; leading people and affecting change in an organization is very difficult.

Harnessing Deliberate Reflection to Create Personal Improvement – Kevin Meyer explains why it’s important to develop a deliberate, intentional reflection process to understand the desired future state, current state, gaps, and experiments and activities to achieve the desired future state.

Restraint: A Key To Maximizing Leadership Success - Marci Reynolds says great leaders understand the power of restraint.

Ask Art: Why Focus on Why When Doing A Lean Turnaround? – Art Byrne says understanding the WHY is what transforms lean into a strategic way to run your business and away from the more common approach of seeing lean as a bunch of tools or simply a cost reduction program.

How Purpose Shapes Culture – Richard Sheridan explains you can’t embark on a journey to establish a culture of leadership for its own sake your organization must serve a higher purpose.

Warning Signs When Starting A Continuous Improvement Journey – Jeff Hajek shares some of the ‘tells’ of a company that is not likely to be successful at continuous improvement.

Another Example of Small Steps as a Starting Point for Success – Mark Graban says the key to continuous improvement is starting small and then moving up from there.

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