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Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Guest Post: 5 Ways To Boost Team Morale

Your team feeling deflated and unmotivated? Not as enthusiastic and motivated as they used to be? You could be experiencing low team morale, and if morale suffers, your business could take a hit too. In this article, we highlight 5 ways to boost team morale to improve team spirit and boost company performance.

1. Give Recognition and Show Appreciation
One of the easiest ways you can boost team morale is to give recognition and show appreciation to your employees. Recognise and appreciate the hard work and effort your team puts into their work every day.

Morale is boosted when employees feel appreciated and valued and that they are making a difference through their work and contributing to the company’s success. Congratulate your employees personally and publicly in front of the whole team and celebrate their successes. Tell everyone when your employees are doing a great job and call out top performers at meetings.

Recognise achievements, tell them when you are impressed and show that you appreciate their work. This will raise morale and motivation and encourage employees to work even harder and go above and beyond for your business to continue to receive praise.

2. Encourage Learning and Personal Growth
Encouraging learning and personal growth will raise team morale and, in turn, benefit your business too. As your employees learn and grow, so too will your business.

Mastering new skills and advancing knowledge keeps employees engaged as they are always learning new things. Help them progress through investing in training and education, running courses, and attending conferences.

Develop the skills and talents that your business needs and help employees move towards their own career goals too. This constant growth, improvement, and achievement will keep your team motivated and improve morale.

3. Offer Rewards, Benefits, Perks, Incentives
Offering rewards, benefits, perks, and incentives is a highly effective way to boost morale.

You could offer extra holidays or give employees their birthday off to spend however they want. Or how about providing wage bonuses or a discount scheme. Or try subsidizing employee’s lunch, transport costs, and gym membership. You could even introduce a sabbatical programme that gives your team a year off to pursue their out-of-work passions.

There are a great number of rewards and perks that you can offer to your employees to help improve their working and home life and show that they are valued by your organisation, all of which help boost morale.

4. Have Fun
Injecting a bit of fun into the workplace is highly effective at improving company morale. Your team works hard, so they should be allowed to play hard too.

This could be as simple as a ping-pong table or games console in the break room. Or getting out of the office regularly for a team lunch or night out. Team building activities can be fun too, such as Cluego, which is an action-packed team treasure hunt experience. Throw a summer or Christmas party to celebrate together or take a yearly retreat with the whole team to explore a new place and try a new experience.

Anything that allows your team to blow off some steam and have fun will boost morale as well as build stronger team relationships.

5. Listen to Employee Feedback
Listening to employee feedback and implementing their suggestions boosts morale as it shows that your employees’ voices are being heard and respected and that you listen to and value their opinion.

Let employees have their say on how their job and the business in which they work can be improved. Let them contribute to the decision making process and direction that the company is heading in.

Employees have first-hand experience of working in your company and the way that it operates so their insights can be some of the most valuable. Listen to and act on these ideas - they may even be able to suggest why morale is so low.

Try implementing some of these methods to improve morale in your business today. They are all based on caring, recognition, rewards, appreciation and showing employees that they are a valuable and indispensable part of your organisation. If morale is low and your employees are unhappy, your business will suffer. The higher the morale and happier your employees are, the greater your business will benefit.

About the Author: This post was written by James Carruthers, a team-building expert who runs ClueGo, an events company providing exciting, action-packed team treasure hunt experiences for corporate groups in the UK and beyond.

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