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Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Guest Post: 7 Leadership Qualities of a Project Manager

Being a leader could be tough but with the right qualities and instinct of when to apply them, you’ll find leadership very easy. The success of every project depends on the management of the project. The management of every project depends on the leadership skills of the project manager. Behind every successful project are days and nights of effort of the project manager and his team members.

The project manager's ability to coordinate the members, no matter the number determines the work ethics and interest of the members of the team. More than work, the project manager must communicate his visions and plans to the members in order to encourage them to take the job as their project. How can you achieve this? Here are 7 qualities a project leader must have, in order to achieve the best.

1. Competence
An incompetent person cannot lead a team. For a person to emerge as a project manager, he must be competent. Competence is measured by the experience, the successful track record and the expertise of the person. No loafer or idler can be a good leader. For a project manager to be competent, he must be driven by some personal ideas that can be infused into others to drive a good project.

As a project manager, you must be committed to improving your knowledge and skills. You must always have an idea about the next step to take. Expertise is built by taking professional courses and attending job-related conferences. A competent leader will build competent members.  Also, a capable project manager must have several wins that can be pointed to as his achievement. Your actions should encourage, enable, inspire and challenge your team members.

2. Team Management
A project manager should be able to manage people of different characters and dispositions. You must understand both the operational and strategic perspectives of the project and the business at hand.

Team management skill includes the ability to resolve conflicts, proper communication, evaluation of members, the delegation of tasks, and the promotion of teamwork. You should have a good reward system in place to encourage the team.

No success can be recorded when the teamwork in place is not effective. Unity should be the watchword. The team-building skills of a leader ensure balance. The deficiency of a team member should be complemented by the proficiency of another. A proper team built guarantees good project work.

3. Communication
At every point, the mind, plans, and goals of a project manager must be communicated effectively to the team members. Communication is a key attribute of every project manager. It is very essential to the success of every project.

Through good communication, a project manager helps the members to understand the reason for a project and the vision behind his actions. He must master the art of communication; when to communicate and the medium to use to ensure effective communication. A project manager should develop multi-channel means of communication which will promote timely reception and delivery of information. A proactive communicating system ensures proper communication among team members.

4. Integrity
Integrity is the soul of every business. A project manager must always walk his talk. An honest leader is a successful leader. As a project manager, your honesty will enable your team members to trust your leadership. This will help them to carry out work delegated to them without complaining.

A project manager must display integrity in both action and words.  Creating a good standard of ethical behavior will reinforce the belief of the team in the project. If you re driven by self-interest as a leader, you won’t have a good team to work with. Leadership based on honesty represents behavior consistency and dedication to duty.

5. Enthusiasm 
Enthusiastic project managers are optimistic and positive. A project manager must possess positive vibes. Your optimism will enhance the positivity of the team. You cannot carry a negative mindset and expect wonderful project completion.

Enthusiasm must be backed up with positivity, commitment, persistence and consistency with project and project plan.

6. Delegation
As a project manager, you cannot do it all. You must possess the attribute of delegating duties to members of your team. A good project manager recognizes the ability of each member and delegates work based on this.

You must recognize how capable a member is and his area of expertise.  Knowing this will enable you to assign and delegate duties effectively. Effective delegation requires appropriate skill set. Your capacity to delegate work will enhance your ability to solve problems by identifying quickly, what ought to be done.

7. Creativity
You cannot achieve a lot without a touch of creativity. To make your work unique, you must be creative.  You should improvise and create when things are not working according to plan.
A project manager needs to think outside the box at every time. Such creativity is used to create a feedback and evaluation plan for the team. Team members are more effective when the project manager promotes an inclusive plan for the benefit of all. This creative skill will reinforce the team members to bring new ideas on how to execute difficult tasks.

A project leader must be strong and command the respect of the team members. You must have all these qualities and know when to use them. These qualities are not necessarily inherent but you must build them into your system to get more wins and achievement on your record as a project manager. 

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