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Monday, January 13, 2020

Suggestions for Creating a Positive Workplace Environment

For most people today, the majority of their time awake is spent at work. It’s quite normal for someone to spend more time with colleagues than with families. With this in mind, it becomes really important to make the workplace a positive and nurturing environment. Studies show that positive workplaces increase productivity, creativity, and happiness. Here are some great suggestions for building a more positive workplace.

1. Gratitude is key

Create a mechanism in your workplace for everyone to express gratitude to their colleagues, thank and appreciate them publicly, and generally respect each other. Doing this once a week can greatly boost morale and set a positive tone for the whole workweek to come. Team members feel valued and respected. Make gratitude a priority in your workplace and organization as a whole.

2. Build a safe environment for all

In a professional workplace, the biggest problem to productivity and positivity is toxicity. IT prevents new ideas and innovation and damages team collaboration. Madeline Hall, an HR manager at Academized and Assignment Services, explains that “to have a safe work environment, do not allow negative personalities to take root, and make sure every person is respected and confident in expressing ideas. Be a leader who is honest and authentic so your employees feel safe and respected.”

3. Finish what you start

If you can’t finish a project you started, for whatever reason, make sure that you have a clear handover, all the files are properly labeled and saved. This means you’re not leaving your mess for someone else and that you value their time as much as yours. By leaving behind a mess, someone has to take time out of their day to look for a missing file or duplicate the work you’ve done. In short, be respectful of your colleagues’ time.

4. Remember the opportunities

If there is a stressful time period in your workplace, take the time to reframe your attitude and see it as an opportunity. Every problem or obstacle is actually a chance to reflect on your process, your strategy, and re-evaluate your next step to always improve. Try to find humor in situations, and work with your colleagues to change the perspective.

5. Be consistent

Workplace culture is changing dramatically these days. More and more companies are moving to flexible hours, remote work, open workspaces, no fixed vacation time, and more. It might seem like a good idea to adopt these ideas, but you need to remember that not every strategy is good for each company. Think about what would work best for your work and your team members, and be sure to remain consistent across the board with the chosen approach. Change is good, but you want to make sure to maintain a healthy and balanced workplace culture.

6. Focus on positive thinking

You want to create a workplace environment where positive thinking is encouraged and there is no place for negativity. Even when something bad is happening, a project is derailed or a deadline is passed, encourage your team to be positive and you will see it becomes easier to find a positive outcome. George Bubbs, a health writer at Revieweal and Essay Services, suggests that you “spend some time as a group to set some positive intentions for each day, week, month, and quarter. This helps you take a step back when you might get stressed or frustrated and change your mindset and the way you’re approaching the situation.”

7. Prioritize

Remember what’s important for a positive work environment and don’t set it aside if something urgent comes up. Urgent shouldn’t necessarily trump important. Prioritize the team meetings or one-on-one interactions so you can focus on making sure everyone is heard and valued. If you delay or cancel your method of regularly communicating with your team, the quality of the business and productivity will go down drastically.

Lean thinking, positivity, good leadership strategies, and consistency are all extremely useful ways to create a positive workplace environment. At the end of the day, what truly matters is making your employees feel respected and safe so they can be as productive and creative as they can without feeling stifled.

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Editor Aimee Laurence works for UK essay writing services and Essayroo Review. She focuses on articles about healthy workspaces, respect for others, and positive leadership. She likes sharing different ways to achieve a healthy work-life balance. Aimee also works for Top assignment writing services VIC as a freelance editor.

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