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Wednesday, January 13, 2021

Six Practical Tips for Developing an Engaged Workforce

One thing which is common to most successful business organizations is that they have a troop of engaged employees. An engaged workforce is connected emotionally to the organization. As a result, it exhibits higher productivity, enhances profitability and leaves no stone unturned to support the company’s growth. It’s no wonder that today companies across the globe have realized the importance of an engaged workforce and started making plans to cultivate one for them. If you also aspire to generate an engaged workforce, this blog is here to assist you with the same. Now, let’s discuss six useful tips to help you develop an engaged workforce in your company.

  1. Make employee appreciation a priority:

‘Appreciation’ is a fundamental need of all human beings. It is the force which motivates us to give our best in whatever we do. If you start appreciating your employees for every effort they put in for your company’s growth, they’ll feel valued and empowered. As a result, they will direct their efforts to outperform their previous performance and yield even better results. This way, they’ll gradually become engaged. So, you can try to make employee appreciation a priority in your company. You can begin by appreciating your employees for something good every day such as punctuality, cordial behavior and so on. Soon, you’ll see that your appreciation is transforming your employees and leading them to engagement.

  1. Help your employees de-stress:

Stress is one of the major hindrances to employee engagement. Stressed employees cannot concentrate properly. When they are not focused, their engagement levels are bound to remain low. This implies that to cultivate an engaged workforce; you have to help your employees de-stress. For this, there are several practices which  you can implement, such as the ones given below:

       Organize meditation programs in your company:

Meditation is one of the most effective techniques for stress management. It helps the brain relax and brings a reduction in the secretion of stress hormones. So, you can organize meditation programs in your company to help your employees de-stress.

       Conduct fun activities for your employees:

Fun activities trigger laughter and feelings of enjoyment. This helps your employees’ brain get distracted from worries and induces a calming effect. So, you should try to conduct fun activities for your employees. Games, watching stand up comedy videos and other funny videos are some examples of fun activities which you can conduct.

       Make physical activities a part of the work schedule:

Physical activities like exercise and dancing trigger the secretion of endorphins in the brain. Endorphins are chemical substances which have mood-boosting effects and bring a reduction in stress levels. Now, to help your employees de-stress, you can make physical activities a part of the work schedule. For example, you can gather your employees for a quick exercise session in the middle of the day. 

  1. Help your employees in career advancement:

Growth is a fundamental requirement of all human beings. We always aspire to develop and grow in our professional life. The same is true for your employees. Just imagine what can happen if you start providing them with opportunities for career advancement? Won’t they naturally become emotionally connected to your organisation for helping them fulfil one of their most fundamental requirements? The answer is big, yes! So, why not help your employees with career advancement? It has dual benefits for your company.

Firstly, it will promote employee engagement in your company. Secondly, as your employees grow in their career, their knowledge will increase, their performance will get significantly improved, ultimately benefiting your company’s growth. Thus, you can try to offer different career advancement opportunities to your employees in terms of training course, tuition reimbursement and higher education support. 

  1. Keep the lines of communication open:

It is often that employees do not get the opportunity to interact with the successive levels of management. Their interaction is mostly limited to their immediate managers and supervisors. As a result, they cannot connect deeply with the organization. This implies that for employee engagement, you have to keep the lines of communication open at all levels. Your employees should get regular opportunities to interact with you and other organizational leaders. These interactions should not necessarily be informal. It will be better if you let them be a little relaxed. It will help you develop an emotional connection with your employees, and they’ll naturally become engaged and serve your company in the best manner.

  1. Help your employees establish a better work-life balance:

Work is just a part of life, isn’t it? No doubt, it plays a crucial role in helping us live a happy life; there is much more to a happy life than work. Spending quality time with family, getting enough relaxation and self-time are some essential elements of a happy life. When we miss out on these elements because of work, we become really miserable and cannot work engagingly. This implies that the disruption of work-life balance leads to employee disengagement. So, you should try to help your employees establish a better work-life balance. For this, you can offer facilities like flexible working hours and remote working.

  1. Establish a culture which is free from micromanagement: 

‘Micromanagement’ is a management strategy wherein managers closely monitor the actions and working style of their employees with a vision to make them function in a way they prefer. Such style of management makes the employees feel frustrated. They feel as if you don’t trust them and start paving towards disengagement. This implies that micromanagement is an employee engagement killer! So, you should try to establish a culture which is free from micromanagement. For this, you can offer proper management training to managers, leaders and supervisors of your company.

As you know, an engaged workforce possesses different qualities which can help your organization take dedicated steps towards success. You can generate an engaged workforce in your company with the help of the tips mentioned above. Now, wishing you All the Best and may your company enjoy having a troop of engaged employees soon. 

About the Author: 

An ardent writer, Jessica Robinson, works for ‘The Speaking Polymath’. She uses this platform to weave her magical words into powerful strands of content and share with her readers.

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  1. Like this list. Am intrigued what you would suggest doing if your boss is a micro-manager?