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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

5 Steps To Be an Effective Leader Of A Culture-Driven Organization

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The recent changes in a global economic environment forced a lot of companies to change their values, priorities, and organizational cultures. Still, following the path of transformation is impossible without being guided by a successful, prominent, inspiring, and culture-driven leadership. How to become an effective leader of a culture-first organization and what does it mean to be? Let’s find it out.

How are Culture and Leadership Interconnected?

The company’s culture and its leadership style are always directly interconnected. What’s more, it is quite difficult to say where the reason is, and there is the consequence. Does the leader develop the culture? Or does the culture define the suitable leader? It looks like an egg and a chicken dilemma but still, the core cultural values affect the suitable leadership model, and the leaders themselves should support, promote and follow these values as well. 

Below are five steps that will help you become a leader of a culture-driven company. 

How to Become an Effective Leader of a Culture-First Company

What does it mean to lead a culture-driven organization? Perhaps, it means saying every word and making every decision being strongly guided by the cultural framework accepted in the organization. For example, the top sites listing cheap custom writing services have assisting their users and never posting pre-ordered reviews as their main priorities and cultural foundations. 

Leading a culture-driven organization means driving the company’s growth while sharing and promoting its values within the team and beyond it. It also means the way of doing business itself by making ethical decisions which will strengthen the company’s reputation as a culture-driven one. Lastly, it means making sure your employees sincerely share the company’s culture and are ready to stand for it.

And here is how to achieve these goals.

1.     Be Self-Aware

Any effective leadership begins from within, deeply in the soul of the leader. To become a leader of a culture-driven organization, consider getting started with yourself, your values, and your priorities. How do the ones of the organization match with the cultural cores of the company? Do you share them sincerely? Do you believe in what you are going to do? If you have answered in a positive manner, you have quite a lot of chances of leading this company’s growth. Still, make sure you understand your gaps as well and work on improving them.

2.     Stand for Your Values

Standing for the values the company promotes is the second step an effective leader should make every day. What’s more, you should stand for them in every action you do. Translate these values when communicating to your team, when dealing with the customers, when solving the problems with the partners and when outlining the company’s growth strategy. Stand for these values when telling about the company you are leading regardless of the environment.

3.     Promote Shared Vision

Being an effective leader is good but your efforts lose their meaning when you have nobody to lead. What’s more, effective leadership is always built on the set of values the leader and the team support and share. People believe in people, and most of them would like to feel like a part of something important, great and significant.

This means that you have not only support and promote your values. You should also make sure your team members do the same, and perfectly, they should do it sincerely.

4.     Improve Job Satisfaction

There is no great corporate culture without a high job satisfaction rate among employees. What’s more, those team members unhappy with their work conditions, work tasks, the leadership style, and the company’s attitude towards them will never support its culture and will never promote its values. That is, improving employees' job satisfaction is the task worth putting first on the list.

How to do it right? The only way is to support and promote a trusting environment at the workplace, encourage your team members to share their opinion, and show them the company’s gratitude for their efforts.

5.     Listen to Feedback and Keep Learning

You got it right - readiness to open communication and listening to the feedback of your team and upper leadership is one more key to becoming an effective leader of a culture-driven organization. Still, listening wouldn’t be enough without a careful analysis of the reasons and consequences. Make sure to focus on the existing problem, look for its root causes, and try to solve it by being guided by the cultural values the company stands for. Analyze the mistakes and suggest ways to avoid them in the future.


Being an effective leader is challenging. Being an effective leader of a culture-driven organization is challenging even more. Fortunately, there are no secret tips. The only winning strategy is to sincerely stand for the values of the company and keep them in mind at every step. 

About the Author: Frank Hamilton is a blogger and translator from Manchester. He is a professional writing expert in such topics as blogging, digital marketing and self-education. He also loves traveling and speaks Spanish, French, German and English.

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