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Monday, February 27, 2023

Lean Roundup #165 – February 2023

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of February 2022.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here. 


When You’re Convinced You’re Right, You’ve Lost Your Ability to Learn – Pascal Dennis says we need to cultivate debate, dissent, and a healthy skepticism but first we have to recognize the corrosive effect of self-righteousness.


The Limits of Work Standards – Christoph Roser explains how to make your standard a success by training and motivating your people.


Revitalizing Leadership Training – Bob Emiliani shares why we need to rethink how we train people to lead organizations better since it has not produced the desired outcomes.


Building Habits to Support Lean Initiatives: A Guide for Business Leaders – Ron Pereira shares some tips to help business leaders create effective habits to support lean initiatives in their organizations.


How to Overcome a Possible Economic Recession with Continuous Improvement - Jeff Roussel looks deeper into the financial impact of continuous improvement.


Where Continuous Quality Improvement Strategies Go Wrong – Maggie Willard discusses some of the most common why quality improvement initiatives often experience short-term wins but quickly fizzle out, failing to achieve long-term transformation.


What Are the Advantages of One-Piece Flow? – Christoph Roser explains the benefits of one-piece flow production.

Learning to Solve Problems By… Wait for It… Solving Problems - Josh Howell shares lessons of a team learning what matters when it comes to problem-solving using lean thinking and practices.

Teaming Up to Overcome Common Business Challenges - Katrina Appell and John Drogosz explains why creating Collaborative Study Teams (CSTs) help organizations learn together how to improve their product and process development performance.

Ask Art: What Is the Biggest Cultural Change Barrier to Lean? – Art Byrne tackles the biggest cultural barrier to adopting lean practices in companies: the resistance of CEOs and senior management.


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