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Monday, February 20, 2023

Five Leadership Lessons form George Washington

The very first Commander in Chief of the United States of America set the standard for leadership in the new country not only for his tactical prowess but especially for his character and trustworthiness. George Washington’s administrative and organizational skills in conjunction with his merit, passion for country before himself, and the mutual trust he shared with those he led, makes him one of the greatest leaders in U.S. history.

Every third Monday in February America celebrates President’s Day, commemorating all presidents, but first established in 1885 in recognition of George Washington whose birthday is February 22.

To celebrate this President’s Day, here are 5 lessons on leadership we can take away from the exemplary standard of President George Washington:

1. He treated others with the utmost respect:

Washington treated the lowliest private with the dignity and respect he afforded a visiting dignitary from Philadelphia. How we treat service personnel, subordinates at work, people on the telephone, the guy at the garage, our family members, all impacts the effectiveness of our role as a leader.

2. He held his men accountable:

Along with respect came expectation. I believe in you… therefore I expect you to come through. Same thing at home. We demonstrate to our children that we believe in them, and that we respect them – but if there is no consistent response in terms of guidance and discipline, we will eventually lose our edge as leaders.

3. He placed the welfare of his men ahead of his own:

It’s not just that Washington was willing to take a bullet – there’s no glory in vain bravado. No, what Washington demonstrated is why he was willing, and it wasn’t for his own glory, it was for the cause and for the welfare of those who looked up to him and trusted him.

4. He was personally invested in the cause:

The great general put his money where his mouth was. He personally invested in the cause, not only blood, sweat and tears but cold hard cash too. Those who look to us for leadership are always conscious of the priorities that guide us.

5. He did not waver from his guiding principles:

He was against tyranny, so he was not a tyrant. He valued freedom, so he extended it to others. He believed in the principles expressed in the Declaration of Independence, and he lived as if they were worth his own life to secure.

Being a great leader takes hard work and consistency based on strong principles and values.

As we celebrate our freedom, it is important to remember the great leaders who worked hard and suffered much to create this great nation. We can take lessons in perseverance, the development of competence and of living a life based on core values from a man like George Washington.

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