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Wednesday, May 31, 2023

Lean Roundup #168 – May, 2023

A selection of highlighted blog posts from Lean bloggers from the month of May 2023.  You can also view the previous monthly Lean Roundups here.  


Eight Tips for Managing Up – Steve Kane shares some tips for managing up in a rapidly changing, or continuous improvement, environment.


Reflections on True North – Pascal Dennis talks about how Strategy Deployment is messy, humbling, intuitive, a marriage between the Right & Left brain, between intuition & logic, art & science.


The Necessity of Leading Without Reacting to Metrics – Christopher Chapman discusses an interesting essay by David Heinemeir Hansson, wherein he makes an argument for the “luxury” of working without metrics.


The Difference between the Toyota Production System and Lean Manufacturing – Christoph Roser discusses some smaller differences between TPS and westernized version Lean in the underlying approach, as well as some larger and often unintentional differences in its application.


Why Lean Management Requires Humble Hubris – Jim Benson reflects on the mindset and related behaviors that are the standardized work of “being the change you wish to see.”


Ask Art: Do You Prefer a Handwritten or Computerized Process for Visual Management? – Art Byrne shares the questions that matter when setting up your visual management systems.


How Context Switching Affects Problem-Solving – Steve Kane explains Context switching poses significant challenges to our cognitive processes and problem-solving abilities.


Toyota’s real secret sauce – Michael Balle wonders whether we are drawing the right lessons from TPS and highlights a few things we are underemphasizing.

Business Transformation Strategy: Breakthrough Ahead – Maggie Millard presents several critical milestones on the path to successful business transformation.


It’s Unfair and Unjust to Blame and Punish Nurses for Systemic Mistakes – Mark Graban talks about systemic problem of medical when nurses have more “accountability” thrown at them than autonomy.



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