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Monday, May 31, 2010

Lean Roundup #12 – May, 2010

Selected highlights from the Lean Blog Community from the month of May, 2010.

Supply Chain Management Misunderstood & Misapplied – Greg Stocker explains supply chain management and why it is important to understand the total cost.

The Secret to Successfully Running a Lean Office: Daily Management – Jeff Hajek talks about a proactive, systematic approach to balancing work load in an office.

Don't Do 5s – Jamie Flinchbuagh shares some thoughts why starting your lean journey with 5S doesn't work for all.  Jon Miller had a follow-up reflecting on Never Start with 5s.

It's about Time Not Inventory – Bill Waddell talks about inventory and turns and how they are not really a measure of how Lean an organization is (following John Deere).

What is the Pacemaker? - Dragan Bosnjak defines the pacemaker of a process.

10 Ways that Kaizen Develops Better Leaders – Paul Cary lists 10 ways in which a Kaizen develops better organization leaders.

Right Method, Wrong Culture – Mark Graban explains the phrase "Data should create light, not heat" in context to lean implementation.

Leaning Forward – Paul Levy shares the experience of rehabilitating a space using lean principles to create a new work environment.

Human Intelligence and Machine Stupidity Supply Chains are about Effectiveness Not Only Efficiency – Trevor Miles talks about our ERP systems being tools and we should really learn to think about our systems.

Winning Poker Hand of Corporate Metrics – Mike Wroblewski says we should spend the majority of our time on Delivery, Quality, Safety plus Morale and spend less time on Cost.

What Follows "Yes, but...?"  - Mark Rosenthal explains we all have unforeseen problems but what we do next determines the fate of our improvement.

Partnering with your Staff on Problem Solving – Alex Maldonado shares some thought on increasing lines of communication with those who do the work.

CEO Tips to Finding the Truth – Tripp Babbit explains the best way to find the truth is go out to the source and interact with the people there.

Customer Experience, Kano, Basics, and Shiny Objects – Pete Abilla uses the Kano Model to show us, in an easy way, the relationship of features to customer delight – and it's not an either/or.

What Can We Learn From Active Resisters? – Evan Durant shares what he has learned form active resister as a lesson for all.

Lean is Not Just About Waste – Kevin Meyer explains that there is more to creating value for your customers than just eliminating waste.

The Post-Value Stream Analysis Hangover – Mark Hamel shares some symptoms that occur after a VSM and how to deal with them.

Can I Stop Inspecting? – Matt Wrye talks about the definition of value add and why eliminating inspection can really help reduce the waste in your process, but only if you eliminate it for the right reasons.

Stealing MonkeysBryan at TWI talks about empowerment and a phrase he learned from a shop floor "don't steal their monkey".

Do you have a Daily Management System, or Just Parts? – Connor Shea describes the necessary elements or loops of a Daily Management Systesm.

How to Set Span of Control for Leaders – Jon Miller gives 5 steps to think about when deciding how to set the span of control for leaders.

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