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Monday, January 10, 2011

Toyota: Ideas for Good

Toyota has a new challenge.  Ideas for Good takes Toyota's technologies combined with your ideas to make a better world.

Big ideas are bigger than cars. Toyota has proved this time and time again by sharing their big inventions with the world outside of cars. Everybody has a few good ideas, and Toyota wants to help make some of them a reality. So they’re sharing some of our most innovative technologies with you in the hope that you’ll share your good ideas to improve the world.

The details of the challenge are:

One winner in each of the five technology categories could have their idea become a reality. Winners will be determined by a formula based on input from our panel of gurus and the general public. The winners will get their pick of a new 2011 Prius, 2011 Venza or 2011 Highlander Hybrid. See the Official Rules. Together we can do some real good and make a difference we couldn’t have made alone. 

The five technologies are:

T.H.U.M.S. (Total HUman Model for Safety) is an advanced injury-simulation software that measures injury to parts of the body not measurable with conventional crash test dummies.

Solar Power Ventilation System can use the sun's rays to keep an electric fan running while the car is parked so that the car's internal temperature isn’t much hotter than its surrounding external temperature.

Hybrid Synergy Drive converts braking energy and forward motion energy when coasting into electricity. The hybrid system helps lower emissions while raising mpg.

Advanced Parking Guidance System helps drivers park using hands-free steering, ultrasonic sensors, a built-in computer and a camera while requiring attention and soft braking by the driver.

Touch Tracer is an advanced touch-activated display system that allows drivers to control music, temperature and other features from the steering wheel without taking their eyes off the road.

You can view the gallery of ideas submitted already here.

The deadline for sharing your ideas is February 28th.  So get started today and give back like Toyota has done for all of us.

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